Farm experiences

We want to give you and your whole family the opportunity to leave the daily grind behind and step into another world. Experience how living on a farm slows down everything. Dare to take a look behind the scenes and let senior boss Franz infect you with his passion for the country lifestyle during a tour of the farm. Experience our life and become part of our farm family, even if just for a short time.

Farm life

Visit the cows and calves in the barn and go on a journey of discovery. How are they fed? What is made from the milk they produce? What do the animals do in the summer and what is the bell museum all about? Look over the shoulder of junior boss Johannes and get an impression of what it means to run a farm in this modern world. We look forward to your curiosity.



Petting zoo

Kids and grown-ups alike have an opportunity to experience some of our farm residents up close and personal. At our in-house petting zoo, they will meet curious chickens, fluffy bunnies, and sprightly guinea pigs. Interacting with the animals boosts the children’s self-confidence and promotes their communication skills. All of the bunnies, chickens, and guinea pigs enjoy the extra attention.